Customised Sales Training Proven to Grow Sales, Build Capability and Increase Revenue.

Customised Sales Training That Works

If you need help growing your revenue and building your business, Salesmasters International are ready to help.

We have the experience your business needs and have delivered the results that your business demands.

When businesses work with Salesmasters International, they know that they need to grow their revenue and do so quickly but sustainably.

Talk to us today and we will work with you to tailor sales techniques, strategies and to suite your business, industry, capability and customers.

Our Services

Customised Sales Training

At Salesmasters International we are more than just your regular basic business sales training providers.

Unlike many sales training organisations we look at the whole of your business to ensure we deliver what you, your staff and your business needs.

From a quick fix sales refresher to an in-depth skills assessment and development plan for each team member – and everything in between – we will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

We don’t sell products out of the box, its all designed specifically for your business and your team.

So with that in mind we would like to open up to you and offer you the chance to have us come into your workplace and run a sales training session to meet your specific needs

You might be having trouble with

  • Motivation
  • Hiring the right people
  • Closing the Sale
  • Lead Generating
  • Creating a suitable Sales Culture
  • Leadership Strategies
  • Understanding the personalities you have on staff and how to make them gel
  • Getting an ROI on your investment

Or you may have a totally different problem.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years so we can come in and essentially identify the problem, solve it and then if you are keen we can work with you and your team to drive the results you are after.

Sales Process Development

Are your leads not turning into sales? It may not be down to the skill of your sales team, it may be to do with a cumbersome sale process that gets customers offside before a sales is completed.

At Salesmasters International we have worked with organisations from across Australia to map out their sales process, to identify areas for improvement and adapt processes to meet their needs of their customers and to result in higher conversions and stronger return on investment across their business.

We also work with organsations who are launching new products and initiatives and need to build a sales process from scratch. Through our experience we can tailor a process to meet the needs of your customers and the capability and capacity of your organisation. In business you often get one chance to get your sales process right, working with Salesmasters International gives you the best chance of success.

Consultancy Services

In addition to our core business, Salesmasters International also offer consultancy services to ensure that you get the most our of your team, personal development and investment long into the future.

We also provide:

  • Capability Assessment & Development
  • Core Competency Training
  • Sales Leadership & Management Training
  • Ongoing Sales Support


Arrange a no obligation, phone call and sales audit, with sales training expert Peter Mckeon (CEO of Salesmasters International) to discover your ideal customised training solution to achieve your sales goal results.

We will together discuss / analyse, your current sales process, your intended training outcome and show you our customised strategic sales training solution to deliver your results continuously.