It’s no secret that Australia and the world are experiencing challenges right now that are almost unprecedented.

Yet that’s no reason to simply put your sales efforts on hold.

All of your competitors are operating in this same extraordinary environment. That is why it’s so important that you ensure your sales team have the tools they need to get the job done.

To assist my Salesmasters alumni during this pandemic, I’m offering a limited number of free customised one hour intensive sessions. My sales Power Hour will address the specific roadblocks that are hindering your sales team from excelling in the pandemic world.

What is the Power Hour?

I’m offering your business a complimentary – that is completely no charge – sales Power Hour to talk about your specific sales challenges.

You and your sales team are too busy right now to take a day (or even half a day) away from the daily grind. That’s why I’ve created this one hour program to really zero in and focus on what’s keeping you awake at night.

Having your sales team to join us will give me the opportunity to hear about their challenges directly from them — and workshop the solutions they need to kick more goals.

However, if you just wanted to look at things from a management perspective and not involve your team, that’s fine too. Just let me know what works for you.

Choose whether I join you onsite or we can set up a safe Zoom call.

What do you and your team need, right now?

The Power Hour is designed to give you the best value from my 20-plus years of sales training experience. There are any number of topics we could cover – but what I’m really interested in is where YOU will get the best value.

When you book in, you can select your two key topics of focus so I can zero in on those to give you what you need to move the business forward.

Topics include…

  • The Do’s & Don’ts of 2020 Selling

  • Face to Face vs. Virtual Selling
  • Sales Process Critique
  • The Perfect Sales Pitch
  • Prospecting for New Business
  • Lead Conversion

  • Handling an Inbound Sales Inquiry

  • Making an Outbound Sales Call

  • Building Genuine Rapport with Strangers – Human to Human

  • Selling Value vs. Price

  • Qualification – BAT (Budget, Authority, Timeframe)

  • Account Management – Critique

  • Business Development – Critique

  • Trial Closing

  • Overcoming common daily sales objections

  • Closing business

  • Best practice follow up

Now is the time to hone your sales team

Places are limited.
Book one of ten available sessions now

To book your sales team’s Power Hour, click HERE.
Or to find out more about how your business will benefit, please call me now: Peter McKeon 0418 1999 33