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Zone RV, Queensland Australia.

Manufacturing Sales Training

The Challenge

Like many businesses Zone RV were successful but were not maximising the opportunities that they had to grow their sales and to build their business.

Sales and selling was an uncomfortable word and as a result the business did not have a forma approach to sales or its selling activities. Salesmasters International was approached in 2016 to design and implement two sales processes:

  • Face to face sales
  • Online lead generation

The Process

Peter Mckeon met with the team from Zone RV to fully understand their business, their challenge and their existing approach. At the same time, Peter worked to gain a thorough understanding of the market, competitors and customer needs so that Salesmasters International has a thorough understanding of every aspect of Zone RV’s business.

As a result, Peter proposed an ongoing series of sales development programs that would over a period of time build clear sales frameworks for Zone RV and provide the team with the capacity, capability and confidence required to transform their approach.

The Solution

The solution Salesmasters International proposed was to deliver a bespoke and highly customised sales approach for online and face to face sales. By taking into account the sales cycle, customer buying habits, resources and capability, Salesmasters International quickly devised an approach that was unique to the business and tailored for their industry.

The Results

The results speak for themselves, with the Salesmasters International approach helping Zone RV to achieve unprecedented growth, revenue and results. Thanks to our customised approach, Zone RV has;

  • Increased sales so much they outstripped production
  • Acquired a new factory to assist with their growth
  • Increased their sales team
  • Embedded a highly effective, straight forward and measurable sales process.

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Zone RV


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