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The 3 major reasons why your sales team appear to be failing:

We Can Help

Let your team take our Sales Assessment to identify the behavioural competencies and performance data that are going to lead your team to achieve better results all round.

Our solution provides insight into who on your team will be successful in the new world of sales and who is unlikely to be successful.

Here’s who would benefit from the SHL Sales Transformation Report:

Sales functions that:

  • are facing business transformation

  • are facing reorganization

  • are underperforming

  • question whether they have the right talent to achieve their goals

  • want to prepare and develop their sellers for the future of sales

  • want to hire great sales talent


The External Environment is radically different.

Data and analytics are at the heart of the global sales transformation. Increasingly, the most successful sales organisations demonstrate effective use of analytics tools in their sales processes. In parallel, a majority of B2B sales functions have shifted their model from traditional to digital sales interactions, and 89% of sales leaders in those functions expect the digital transition to accelerate.


Customer Behaviour has changed.

As a result of the marked increase in digital sales interactions, the role of the sales professional is changing. More than half of the sales process is completed before a sales-person gets involved for the first time, and over 70% of B2B buyers state a preference of digital self-service and remote interactions. This is countered by buyers needing sellers to collaborate with them in new ways – helping to personalise the offer, and simplify the decision-making process.

What the Assessment Measures

  • Competency Definitions Commercial Analytics and Technology Adoption

  • Remote Work Potential

  • Personalization and Value Creation

  • Simplifying and Conveying Complex Information

  • Collaboration and Inspiring Customer Confidence

  • Sales Adaptability, Resilience, and Agility

  • Sales Drive and Achievement Orientation

  • Commercial Creativity

Why Salesmasters International?

Meet Peter McKeon – Australia’s Leading Sales Trainer

Peter McKeon is the Founder and Managing Director of Salesmasters International.

He is internationally recognised and universally acclaimed as one of Australia’s leading sales trainers. Peter knows how to present enjoyable, motivating and lasting learning experiences.

A multiple author and recognised as an industry thought leader, Peter‘s reputation is accredited to his capacity to craft the requisite strategic vision to ensure that all organisational sales objectives are realised.

Peter offers a unique blend of executive acumen, cultural awareness and inspiring leadership to each of the clients he partners with.

If you need your sales performance to be transformed, arrange a consultation with Peter to understand how Salesmasters International can help grow your business.

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