From overselling to not understanding the prospect, there are many common sales mistakes that can significantly impact your business growth and revenue.


In this new financial year, train your sales teams to avoid these 5 most common sales mistakes:

❌ Not Qualifying the leads

Poor quality leads will only make the pipeline more complex, resulting in your team working more hours but not producing any results.


❌ Not preparing in advance

Having an agenda on hand can go a long way in a sales pitch and keep the conversation on track.


❌ More talking and less listening

It’s not about your product, it’s about what your prospect needs and how your product can help them. Understand their needs and challenges before presenting them the solution.


❌ Selling by price, not by value

Customers may compromise on the price they pay, but they will not compromise on the value they get. Convey a clear value proposition in your sales pitch.


❌ Talking sales and not human

Too much sales jargon can confuse your leads. Focus more on building a trusted, human-to-human relationship with simple and easy-to-follow language.


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